Comparative Analysis of Extant Versions
( ie Scripts!)

NB These are not attempts to reproduce Spike Milligans scripts, but documentation of what is heard in the various released (broadcast and otherwise) versions, with sometimes comparision with Milligans published script for that show.

Anyone interested in helping transcribe a few more shows, please leave a note on The Goon Show Script Forum or email me

Series 5 - August 1954 through March 1955
Sequence number Title Last updated
S05E01 The Whistling Spy Enigma 29-May-04
S05E02 The Lost Gold Mine (of Charlotte) 26-Dec-02
S05E03 The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea) 26-Dec-02
S05E04 The Phantom Head Shaver (of Brighton) 26-Dec-02
S05E05 The Affair of the Lone Banana 26-Dec-02
S05E06 The Canal 26-Dec-02
S05E07  Lurgi Strikes Britain 31-May-04
S05E15 Nineteen Eighty Five 26-Dec-02
S05E16 The Case of the Missing Heir 29-May-04
S05E17 China Story 31-May-04
S05E20 Nineteen Eighty Five (re-performed) 26-Dec-02
S05E25 The White Box of Great Bardfield 26-Dec-02

Series 6 - September 1955 through April 1956
Sequence number Title Last updated
S06E01 The Man Who Won the War (Seagoon MCC) 07-Oct-03
S06E04 Napoleons Piano 26-Dec-02
S06E18 Tales of Montmartre 05-Feb-03
S06E22 The Choking Horror 01-Feb-03
S06ES3 China Story 18-Jan-03

Series 7 - October 1956 through March 1957
Sequence number Title Last updated
S07E02 Drums Along the Mersey 23-Oct-03
S07E05 The Spectra of Tintagel 18-Jan-03
S07ESP Operation Christmas Duff 26-Dec-02

Series 9 - November 1958 through February 1959
Sequence number Title Last updated
S09E08 Queen Anne's Rain 24-May-03
S09E10 Ned's Atomic Dustbin 26-Dec-02
S09E11 The Spy or Who is Pink Oboe 26-Dec-02
S09E12 The Call of the West 26-Dec-02
S09E13 Dishonoured - Again 18-May-03

Series 10 - December 1959 through January 1960
Sequence number Title Last updated
S10E01 A Christmas Carol 30-Dec-02

Email me with any suggestions/corrections for scripts. Any copies of scripts you have transcribed are also very welcome.

Other transcripts that I haven't had time to check against the shows (some are very detailed, others just drafts), nor add notes about the different versions, are available here

Another careful set of transcriptions, with lots of footnotes can be found at scorchingbay

Other scripts, not actually written by the great Milligna, 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', can be found here

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