The Goons Shows from Home

Comparative analysis of the extant broadcast shows and written scripts, with notes, citations, and explication using the Eidielburger methodology.


The intended audience of this text is the serious student of psychology.  It should certainly be suitable as a text for either an undergraduate or graduate course.  Many references are cited in the text which should provide quick access to much of the primary research in the area.  This exposition is a little less formal than textbooks sometimes are.

I am indebted to the following individuals and organizations for their help in compiling this magnum opus: Lady Barnett, Robert Newton, Ethel Cox, Miss Vera Colin, Mr. Attlee, Helen Lovejoy, Sita Fellers, Mike Middington, Fred Nurke, Mr. Dimbleby, Mr. Dudley Pringe, Mrs. Madge Feel, Fred Cobblers, Salisbury Plain, Julie & Tim Stead, Mrs. Muriel Body, Cyrenaica, Rick, Viv, Neil & Mick, Haywards Heath, Steam Engine Stan, Harry Lime, Sir Bernard, Mr. W. Churchill, Marshal Montgoonery, Cyrill Cringinknutt, Webspinner Paul Webster, Miss Kitna Budgy Hai, Miss D French, Lord Thynne, Telegoon Alastair Roxburgh, Natty Floorcloth, Lord Beaverbrock,  Sir Charles Fees, Marion L. Offord, Depositorist Kurt Adkins, President Fred Peron, Sapristi Nuckos, Bach Tocata-Fugue, President Shrub, Villon de Paprikon, Alderman Paul Winalski, Sir Ray Ellington, Dick Scratcher, Baron Geldray, Lewisham Polytechnic, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, St Cyr Military Academy, The Biguns Tribe, Footo Ltd, The Canberras of Bomber Command, 74th Medium Regiment RA, The Good People of Scunthorpe, Cliff Richards, Magadan Trans-Antarctic Expedition, South Balham Gas Board, The Power of Licorish, Her Majesty's Forces Overseas, Zsa Zsa Gabors Third Regular Husbands, Falkland Islands Dependency Survey Teams, The Royal Society Expedition at Halle Bay, Mr. Bean, Gentle folk of Rockall, Fred Wagner, Duty Fireman at Lewisham, censored Recuperating Centre in Stoke Poges, The Catford Police, Bai Jove, British Leyland, The Royal Alpine Club, Kiddies Head Crushing Machines Ltd, Lloyds of London, Cafe Fred, The Derbyshire Yeomanry, Bangalore Torpedoes Inc, Harrow Labour Exchange, Sandhurst NAAFI, Thomas Crapper & Son, Chiselhurst Laundry, Hotel Fred, Woolwich Arsenal, Oslama Been Laughin's Personal Gaurd , Rowton House, and the Tent in Hyderabad Sindh Desert.

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